MOSSwall® Fusion MW01

The MOSSwall® Fusion MW01 product is a 60x40 cm panel in galvanized steel sheet coated with PVC film, thickness 6/10. The packaging consists of 4 panels, covering an area of 1 sqm. The panel is frontally covered by three different lichens showing the natural growth of the undergrowth where MOSSwall® born. MOSSwall® is patented by Verde Profilo®, 100% natural, Made in Italy, handmade, guaranteed for 4 years by Verde Profilo®, anti-static, antibacterial to the origin and represents a hostile environment for insect reproduction as a relationship TEC 1990706284 test. MOSSwall® is a product for interior, doesn't grow and doesn't change shape over time, doesn't need light and shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight or atmospheric agents, no need water but simply a humidity Of air between 40% and 50%. MOSSwall® Fusion MW01 is available in Wasabi 95 and Natural 96 colors.
Pay attention the box MW01 is composed by 4 panels 40x60 cm, covering an area of 1 sqm.
For the wall finishing you need the finishing panel 40x60 MW01, selled in box of 1 piece
40 cm
Covering Area
1 sqm
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