Semi Natural Plants


The specific shades of color and the conformation of the silhouettes, spontaneous but absolutely neat and precise as they are in nature, confer all the characteristics of a real plant to leaves. The innovative and technological materials prevent dust from settling on the surface, giving a natural shine to each detail that remains unchanged over time.


The use of "real" natural trunks is what makes all semi natural plants unique and inimitable. The selection of the bark from infinite typologies is the result of in-depth knowledge, which finds its final result in the quality of the workmanship and the specific drying and conservation treatments.


An element of support and functionality, the vase becomes an integral part in the choice of the furnishings according to style and good taste. The opportunities for combinations are manifold and support the forms and colors of the plant, conferring the right degree of sophistication and originality on the finished product. From the project to final production, our vases are exclusively and proudly MADE IN ITALY.




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